Marie Murphy


Marie Murphy is an Irish, illustrator and painter based in York, England.

Drawn to the urban landscape her work explores hidden and unnoticed spaces and buildings, as well as some famous modern landmarks. Her minimalist approach to form sees her abstracting shapes and shadows to bring into view harmonised urban scenes.

Through the use of layering she creates definition, while subtle shading adds a sense of ephemerality. These contrasting methods engage the viewer in the landscape that is both rooted in reality but open to interpretation.

Her paintings with their limited uses of flat blocks of colour, subtle shading and striking angles portray a sense of modern serenity. The viewer is compelled to look more closely at the sharp lines and the negative space in which they can navigate around and imagine their own version of her contemporary reality.

Saatchi Art


Marie is available for commissions or collaborations, please contact me with any queries you may have.