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York Open Studio 2024

York Open Studio 2024


I will be opening my house on Scarcroft Road again this year for the York Open Studio. Do come and join me on the Friday for a preview and celebrate the opening of this years Open Studio. Preview Friday 12th   6 - 8pm.


Introducing "H O M E," a poignant collection of eight new paintings that delve into the profound concept of home and its absence. In this series, explore the unyielding spaces that remain when individuals are stripped of a physical place to call their own.

In the midst of our urban tapestry, amidst the rhythm of life, emerge scattered white voids. Yet, far from symbols of emptiness, these voids become canvases of possibility, morphing and harmonising with the vibrant hues of the urban landscape.

These paintings celebrate the universal quest for belonging and the transformative power of finding home within ourselves and our communities.


Preview Friday 12th   6 - 8pm

Saturday 13th   10 - 5 pm

Sunday 14th   10 - 5 pm

Saturday 20th   10 - 5 pm

Sunday 21st   10 - 5 pm

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