The Cotton Tote Bag

Our planet is in crisis. Everyday we see more destruction and loss of wildlife in environments that should be protected. We all play a part in this destruction whether we realise it or not.

A few months ago I took a walk along a river in East Sussex and was horrified by the amount of plastic on the river bed. I saw every sort of plastic imaginable. From plastic bottle tops, to kids toys, flipflops, rope, containers and much more. There was so much plastic that it looked liked multi-coloured sand. Much of this plastic will never biodegrade, it will just continue to turn into smaller and smaller pieces, called microplastics.  

Plastic bags often make their way out of our rubbish bins and landfill and end up in our rivers and oceans. There they can be ingested, poison and entangle animals.  Sea turtles often end up eating them as a floating plastic bag bears a striking resemblance to their favourite food - jellyfish.

You may be thinking about how you can help to protect the environment and reducing your use of single plastics and moving to refills, reusable and biodegradable is definitely they way to go. 

Danish study in 2018, stated that a cotton grocery bag should be used 7,100 times for it to truly be positive for the environment. I have two cotton bags I got at Jigsaw over 13 years ago and they are still going strong if a little on the grubby side now. 

While some of the figures on how many times you need to use a reusable bag to offset its impact on the environment is slightly alarming. I think it's worth it.

If reusuable bags are not your thing then look for a local store where you can refill your containers. When I lived in Brighton HISBE was definitely my favourite. Just around the corner from me in York is is Bishy Weigh. These shops are popping up everywhere. Every little helps.


Printed Cotton Tote Bags come in small and large.


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